Business Broadband

Monday 20th May 2024

UK Broadband Service Providers

Business broadband, or Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line, is the most common type of broadband as it uses a standard phone line and is supplied via BT. It simply means that by converting your analogue phone line to a digital line (ADSL line) your phone line can now be used to simultaneously transmit data at high speed.

As a result of switching to Business broadband, data can be transferred at greatly increased speeds. An analogue modem works at a maximum speed of 56Kbits/sec, but Business broadband works at speeds of 512Kbits/sec and even higher.

As well as being a faster and more reliable internet service, Business broadband differs from dial up internet in that it splits your phone line in two, allowing both voice and data to be transmitted basically, you can have both the internet and your phone running at the same time.

Business broadband means that you don`t have to get an extra phone line and it avoids your phone line being constantly engaged very handy if you have a busy household.

Today Business broadband services now reach 99% of all UK homes and businesses. BT has been carrying out work to remove limits relating to the distance of lines from the exchange and more than 99.8% of lines connected to a broadband exchange should now be able to get an Business broadband service. A small number of exchanges which generally serve a small number of customers have not been upgraded and still cannot access Business broadband.

To receive Business broadband you will need a BT telephone line in an area where the local telephone is ADSL broadband enabled.



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