Antique dealers auctions art antique furniture fairs antique roadshow

Antique dealers auctions art antique furniture fairs antique roadshowMonday 20th May 2024

Welcome to the art and antiques page. There is no doubt, we are a nation of antique lovers. There is so much to learn about this subject from spotting a fake to spotting a bargain. You will find links to help everyone, from the first purchase through to collecting expensive and rare treasures. Find out about auctions and antique dealers in the UK.

This website states that the antiques for sale have been vetted. There`s also a section of news and information.

Antiqne Dealers

Antique Networking act as a portal company for a large number of antiques dealers as well as running on-line auctions.

Antique dealers auctions art antique furniture fairs antique roadshow

Antiques web-sites

Antiques Web is another portals company with a number of antique dealers. It also provides information with fairs and auction calendars, a geographical UK guide to dealers and a news section.

Antique Dealer in Ireland

Do you want to buy antiques in Ireland but cannot get over there? Take a look at this Irish dealer`s site.

Ebay. Art & Antiques

E-bay is one of the best-known names on the net. Take a look at their UK art and antiques pages.

Auctioneers. Antiques. Art

This is not an on-line auctioneer but you can see their catalogues on-line and bid by e-mail.

QXL. Auctions. Antiques & Art has made a name selling on-line and they have their own arts and collectibles pages.

Richard Gardner Antiques

Take a look at this site from Richard Gardener Antiques of Petworth. It has good clear pictures and details of the articles available ranging over a large selection of antiques.

Antique dealers auctions art antique furniture fairs antique roadshow

Sothebys. Auction House.

One of the most famous auction houses in the world. Sotheby`s also has on-line auctions as well as information on its traditional sales worldwide.

Art. Pottery Association

The American Art Pottery Association shows pictures and gives information on fake art pottery currently being sold.

Advice on Antiques

This article gives a number of points that you need to check to ensure you buy a genuine antique.


Antique Reproductions. News

Antique & Collectors Reproduction News aims to keep its readers up to date on reproductions currently being made, which may eventually be sold as genuine antiques. The site also sells equipment for detecting fakes.

Antique Collectors Guide

Antique Dealer & Collectors Guide, a UK glossy monthly, has been publishing for over fifty years. On its website you can see a selection of its feature articles giving in depth information on particular areas of antiques.

Antiques and the

The American newspaper, Antiques and the Arts Weekly, is one of the best-known of US antiques publications. To find out why check out their website giving a selection of their coverage of the American antiques scene.


Antiques Info started as a regional bi-monthly magazine but has become so popular that it is now available all over the UK. Its website is updated regularly and contains seven day auction and fairs calendars and news as well as information on guilds and associations.

Art Trade Collectors Magazines

These two magazines, Galleries and the Collector, are small A5 sized magazines published bi-monthly. Galleries covers the art trade and the Collector, the antiques trade.

Antiques & Auctions Magazine

Once known as the Antiques Bulletin, the Antiques Magazine publishes weekly with full fairs and auction calendars and feature articles. Take a look at the website to see samples of their weekly coverage.

Antiques Trade

The weekly Antiques Trade Gazette newspaper is available on subscription only (apart from a couple of retail outlets in London) and is taken by 99% of the trade. It carries news of the trade together with auction and fairs calendars. Most of the paper`s editorial covers auction sales. Take a look at the website which has some useful information.


The Antiques and Art Independent newspaper publishes bi-monthly giving news and views of the trade. Its website is updated regularly with the same kind of information so, if you like the newspaper, you don`t have to wait for two months to see what it is saying about the trade.

Italian Antiques Monthly

The Italian antiques monthly magazine, L`Informatore, is one of the best-known foreign language magazines in Britain. Especially useful are its calendars covering antiques events throughout Europe. Take a look at its good looking site for a flavour of its coverage and, yes, you can view it in English.

USA Antiques Newspaper

This monthly American newspaper is huge, so big that it is split into several sections. It gives excellent coverage of the US antiques scene and the website gives a good guide to the newspapers content.

Antiques Journal web-site

The New England Antique Journal, another excellent monthly American newspaper, gives good coverage of antiques in the US. Take a look at their website and judge for yourself.

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